minimalism yes, but on my terms

It is an absolute phenomenon that in the modern consumer led world millions are being made on books telling people how to live frugally, spend less and be a minimalist. Is it only me who sees some irony in that? The other part of this ironic trend is the fact, that all those publications start with telling you to throw away your stuff. Stuff you paid your hard-earned money for, and chances are staff you will buy back within a year – because you will miss it. But still, minimalism is great, but on my terms.

So why it doesn’t universally work?

Let’s be honest – if your home is staffed with trinkets and gadgets, it so happens because you like it that way. Or you have someone in your life who gives you far too many presents. Sometimes you can feel overwhelmed with all your possessions, but maybe just tiding would do. There are very few people who can live with only 100 items (including clothing) in their lives, and more likely than not you are not one of them. I know that I am not.

Not so minimal minimalism

I love all cosy things: blankets, cushions, candles, mugs. I love my jewellery and scarves. All of them are exceeding 100 items alone and regardless of how many books on de-cluttering I might read, and how many rounds of actual de-cluttering I might do, I’ll never get rid of them. I like nice things in life; nice china, decent bedding. Things which make house a home. Pictures on the walls. A lot of them have a sentimental value – like paintings made by my father-in-law or photos from our trips. Some art made by my friend, which makes it all more eclectic.  I have an entire collection of all Birthday, Christmas, Valentines, anniversaries card we gave to each other through out the time we are together, and despite it takes a lot of space, I keep it, as I still get a nice jolt every time I read them. Some people would consider it al a junk and put it into recycling as soon as, but somehow, I cling on to them, as nothing makes my hart melt so much as Christmas card from my daughter from when she was three.

Still, because we plan to move to a new house we did de-clutter, which really was a glorified tidy up. One thing is for sure – I won’t be getting back things we got rid. I will be getting different things instead. And as to interior ideas – Pinterest can’t get beat on that. It will make you drool over minimalism.