Doing adult and other stories

I am doing adult now, found a job for summer (need cash for planned trip to Iceland next year), it’s a simple admin stuff and I have to answer a lot of questions, why don’t I find something more in line with  my studies. See, I found a job because need money, jobs more in line with studies are unpaid placements requiring lengthy commute. Can’t afford that.

Now post Brexit stuff, all this referendum has done is to legitimise racism and xenophobia. Thrown economy into a chaos. Mainly thanks to bastards playing on “make Britain great again” sentiment. Britain is not longer an empire, for quite some time actually. And let me tell you, no one would like to live in Victorian times again, even if just for smog! To minimise the losses government should either go ahead and do it or make a firm statement, that referendum was just an advisory vote – and as such a stupid advice they are not going to listen. Then we all can move on instead hanging in a limbo.

So to destress after a busy week at work and uni combined (there was a SciFest – and I survived) we went for a walk. Lovely place in Shropshire Hills called Wildmoor Pool. Made some friends.

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