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10 best minimalism blogs – according to me

We all are seeking inspiration in our daily lives.  We read magazines, watch movies, read blogs.  and as much as movies can be inspirational, I found that blogs are better. Blogs are better because they are personal, written by same people as you or me. Everyone can do it, it only takes internet access andRead more

Is your wardrobe so full, you have to push it closed with your knee and still have nothing to wear?

Mine was like that. Until I got fed-up  and made a cull. 40kg of clothes went away, some of them worn only once if at all.  It pained me to do that, but sometimes the straight cut is the best approach. I left only things I was wearing frequently, which were in good enough conditionRead more

Autumn/winter fashion 2015

Did you see any of the fashion shows for AW15? I didn’t. It is shame that I don’t have time for it anymore. I use to follow the trends and knew what was on. Now I am more inclined to go for classics with maybe few twists, but the times of changing the wardrobe  twiceRead more


how time flies by. I promise to myself to write something here at least every other day. But it isn’t happening. So at the moment I am trying to juggle my uni work, with money work and family. Just 3 more weeks and at least my uni will be over for summer. I still willRead more

Plus-size? models

By accident stumbled across an interview with Laura Wells (you can watch it here) which was followed by a lengthy discussion with my Husband about fashion and models, and clothing sizes.I was trying to remember when this obsession with super-skinny girls had started, and I have a problem to pin-point it. Because when I first startedRead more