Friday Five- to be grateful for

After prolonged period of depression and not writing, I decided to give a go to a therapeutic list making. It will appear here as Friday Five. Simple five things that happened last week which gave me pleasure so I’m grateful for them.

Spending time with friends

had a day off yesterday, so went out for coffee with friend, then little trip around the shops. #retailtherapy is always good.

When you meet someone who sees your  strong points

even if you don’t see them yourself. This is linked with reasons for my low period. I am now heading towards the end of my studies. The big looming question is, what to do next. Started to look for a job, however jobs for DNA and forensic anthropology people are few and far between. I began to think, that will have to go and find some boring admin job – and this would be a massive shame. And when I started to doubt in sense of spending four years learning my forensics, someone told me how many flexible and transferable skills I had gained. This lead to the next grateful point, which is

I’m going to be a teacher

this means another year of studying and training, but it will have different structure and be lots more experience driven. I really like the idea of being able to inspire someone to do something good in their life. You never know, maybe this kid who will understand how science is important and get to love it, in 10- 15 years time find the cure for cancer or HIV.

You can feel spring coming

which is just as well, today as I’m writing this, I can hear birds singing outside and there is even some sunshine.

And of course caffeine

magical molecule that keeps me going, caffeine and theobromine to be precise.


and now about something different

This is Misty – Misty knows how to enjoy life be like Misty