In the wake of Harvey Weinstein allegations #MeToo is doing some rounds. It shows the magnitude of the problem with sexual harassment. And the magnitude of ignorance. When I look at the feed in my social media its woman after woman posting #MeToo. And yes, #MeToo. But men still are surprised. Or worse, they shrugRead more

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What does emigration do to you?

This is a very current question, as many of you might contemplate a change of citizenship and/or country in the wake of Brexit. Usually, when you read about emigration, they are either dry numbers or glorified brochures from travel agents. Let’s be honest, many of us wanted to move to the place where we hadRead more

beetroot brownie

beetroot brownies

Brownies are an ultimate pick me up. Rich and decadent. Beetroot brownies are however a healthier option. By adding beetroot you will introduce an earthy flavour which goes so well with chocolate. You can use raw beetroots and roast them yourself or ready cooked for speedy baking. Either way, it will be a feast. EvenRead more

Minimalism lifestyle

There are some misconceptions about minimalism lifestyle. Some see it as a complete ascetic, deprived life without pleasures. Living on the cheap, denying yourself everything. They couldn’t be more wrong. So what is minimalism? In one of the surveys, participants were asked how would they define the minimalist interior design. Their answers were It’s free ofRead more

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10 best minimalism blogs – according to me

We all are seeking inspiration in our daily lives.  We read magazines, watch movies, read blogs.  and as much as movies can be inspirational, I found that blogs are better. Blogs are better because they are personal, written by same people as you or me. Everyone can do it, it only takes internet access andRead more