how time flies by. I promise to myself to write something here at least every other day. But it isn’t happening. So at the moment I am trying to juggle my uni work, with money work and family. Just 3 more weeks and at least my uni will be over for summer. I still willRead more


When I got home today there were couple of parcels waiting. I love it. Even if it’s something I ordered I still love to unwrap things. So Birchbox, Glossybox and Amazon. I’ll write about it during weekend. Now I have to work. Assesment week comming very quickly.

Have been quiet

for a couple of days. Just been very busy. Saturday my daughter and I went shopping. Finally got pair of jeans that fit me (marks and spencer). Had a coffee break in shop trawling thought. Sunday was my husbands birthday and we had very wet walking day. But I managed to do his cake. AndRead more

Plus-size? models

By accident stumbled across an interview with Laura Wells (you can watch it here) which was followed by a lengthy discussion with my Husband about fashion and models, and clothing sizes.I was trying to remember when this obsession with super-skinny girls had started, and I have a problem to pin-point it. Because when I first startedRead more