Witley Court and Gardens

After very productive 3 days, when we decorated and cleaned the kitchen and dining room, we enjoyed well deserved break using up our English Heritage membership. For those who don’t know it’s a lifestyle thing. Some people (like our family) are weird enough to enjoy going round various ruins and gardens. We usually pack a picnic to take with us, and it occupy us for several weekends when weather is decent enough. Some people stick religiously to either English Heritage, some to National Trust. We alternate them. This year we are still using EH. It runs out in the end of May, so we try to make the most of it. After that it will be possibly NT for next year. They are lovely sites and we can take the dog with us to most of them.
Anyway today we embarked on an hour long journey to Worcestershire and visited the Witley Court and Gardens. It was glorious day.

Spring in full swing!

And then, there was this beautiful house with such a sad story. Such a wonderful building which wasn’t loved enough, and after a fire in 1937 it fell to the basic human greed. Now English Heritage is looking after it, but it’s not in their policy to restore it.

Only thing that got restored is this magnificent fountain. Perseus and Andromeda in full glory.
You can see the shell of the house in the background.

And one more photo of the fountain.

There was another water feature with sculpture of Flora and Tritons, unfortunately it is very damaged.

And a little me hiding in a garden shrine. (Photo taken by my daughter).

If you are in the area visit it. It is worth it.