What keeps me going right now is a thought of a holiday.

Holiday and coffee, lots of coffee. And knowledge, that in a week I’ll be on pembrokeshire beach. Digging out the bones (one of the reasons to look forward to it!).  I have massive plans for this page, and few other projects- so hopefully I can get it going properly this summer.  Just one more exam and few smaller things to sort out, and I won’t be an undergrad any more. Still one more year for my masters- and this nagging question “why are you doing it to yourself” , honestly at the moment I don’t know. Maybe I’m just too stubborn to give up, or maybe it’s one of the symptoms of bipolar :-). Anyway, keep in touch guys, and I’ll keep writing- more.

PS the pic is old, but really illustrates me letting myself to plan for further than just 1 week- lots of empty pages to fill