Travel bucket list.

From whenever I can remember I always wanted to travel. I still do, but when I was younger and without my family it was easier. Whenever I had a bit of free time, I just jumped in a car and went to see new places. Near and far. At some point in my youth I wanted to become a war journalist. That would give me enough reasons to travel and enough adrenaline kicks to keep me going. And then life happened, so now I have my family and would not take unnecessary risk for them.

But I still want to travel. I love seeing new places, discovering cities, towns, villages and paths.

Like it was with our last holiday in Pembrokeshire. I have never been there before, my husband was as a child- so we both discovered it for us now, and we will for sure be back.

However I do have a bucket list of places I want to visit, places I want to share with my family, where we could make our own memories to cherish.

So no 1 on the list is (such a cliche!) Paris – just a thought of going there with my husband makes me smile.


no 2 is Vienna- I would love to be there on the New Years day, even better in Philharmonic Hall listening to New Year’s concert.


no 3 is Praque, it’s been ages since I was in that part of Europe.


no 4 is Florence – mainly for shoe shopping and because of Hannibal. Who doesn’t know the movie need to catch up.

Florence in spring time, Tuscany, Italy

no 4 Barcelona – Gaudi doesn’t need explanations.


and no 5 of  European cities would be Copenhagen, there is a particular little lady I would like to see.


See I am no good for long beach holidays, I need things to do, places to visit. If I meant to spend whole day lying in the sunshine it would be punishment.

I need constant stimulation, tasks to do, pictures to take. Otherwise my attention span gets even shorter and I am dying of boredom.

I would love to do those 5 within a year. I hope I’ll manage. I am almost challenging myself to do it, but being realist I just hope I can organise some mini breaks for us. On the continent not only in UK as it was for last few years.

You might have noticed that I didn’t put anything Polish in there- simples, going to Poland = visiting family. This list about enjoying new places.

All the pictures are courtesy of google search, I would love to take my own. Wish me luck in getting them.

And where would you like to go?