Things I learned when moved to UK – list.

My little emigration list ūüėõ
1 ¬†Not everyone speaks English, those who speak English, don’t do it in the nice Colin Firth variety.
2  Everyone is obsessed with the weather, constantly talks about the weather, but never dresses up accordingly to the weather.
3 ¬†People don’t meet up in a pub to talk about stuff ( music, books, films, life, kids etc), they meet up to go on the pub crawl and have a competition who can drink more.
4  Watching Coronation Street or Eastenders is a religion. Same goes for football.
5 ¬†Sunday lunch without Yorkshire Pudding doesn’t count.
6  Chicken Tikka Masala is a traditional English dish.
7  Every food that is not a pie, oriental or roast is suspicious.
8  NHS as a idea is great, and when you have had heart attack or accident, just avoid it when you have persistent cold Рyou can prescribe paracetamol yourself.
9 ¬†On the same note cup of tea will be more beneficial, it’s basically cure for all.
10  Whatever degree you might hold,whatever work experience you have if not obtained in UK  no one will recognise it.