So today’s projects is me.


There is an expression in polish ” motylem byłem ale utyłem” – which means I was a butterfly, but I put on weight. So it’s time to treat myself as a project.

10 years ago I reached the weight which is unacceptable, for me that is. OK then I had an excuse of being pregnant, I managed to lose some of it when first came to UK due to strict diet and exercise. Then I got boring office job, in which everyone was overweight or obese, and the herd mentality allowed me to let myself go. Every single day there were snacks, sweets and cakes on desks. And everyone was eating all the time. Within 2 months I changed  dress sizes from 14 to 18 and done nothing about it. That was 4 years ago.

I think I reached the point when I have to do something. Something more than just look at massive girls at Uni and be happy I am at least 4 sizes below them. That is just not good enough. It is not good enough to keep blaming my parents who allowed my grandma to fatten me up beyond believe in childhood (in a spirit of fat child is a healthy child- after all she lived trough II WW and seen plenty of starved  people). It is time to take responsibility for the way I look and feel.

So no stupid 2 week diets any more.

I am in a bit of a fix here, I don’t do majority of dieticians nightmares. I don’t drink fizzy stuff, all my meals are home cooked, don’t eat crisps etc. However I do bake, and like my cake. I love my food. I enjoy feeding my family. And I am a chocoholic. Having said that I love sweet and sour chewing things, haribos and the like (they were main culprit of me putting on weight 10 years ago).

I have done quite a lot of research on how to lose the weight. Even met a NHS dietitian (which was complete waste of time, if I ate all she suggested I would be a size of a tank soon). I understand the science behind food and nutrition. The best options for me came from continent. One of them is brilliant book by Mireille Guiliano “French women don’t get fat” and second is polish “Dziennik diety” by three ladies with double barreled surnames. Both are highly sensible and acceptable for someone with my passion for food. Dziennik diety is nothing else but a diet diary, in which you put everything that passes your mouth. Mireille makes it part of a process in her book as well.   It is important, so you can understand what do you do wrong. Even before you try to change your eating habits, or especially before you need unadulterated truth of what you are eating and how much! In my case the how much is a key. My portions are far too big. So what that all of it is healthy when I can eat a bucket full of it.  The other issue is chocolate. And sweets. So I put myself up for a challenge. 21 days without sweets (chocolate included), I don’t know can I last 3 weeks. Can you?

If you would like to join me in my challenge you can download the table I made for myself. Just cross out the days. Don’t cheat, you will only cheat yourself.

21 days without – click the link for pdf.

And what is the goal you may ask. The goal is to change dress size back to 14, and lose 2 stone in a process. Hopefully in time for next year holidays. I would love to be able to wear shorts again. But it’s not about quick fix, it is about changing lifestyle. Be healthy. I understand that true beauty comes from inside, but if you bury it under masses of fat it won’t be able to get out.