So… Pembrokeshire, part 1.

I meant to write that as soon as we got back from Pembrokeshire, but instead got sucked in the world of paid work (for both of us) which caused so much mayhem in our house you wouldn’t believe. To write this I had to evacuate to the bedroom, as there is literally no room anywhere else for me to sit. Husband is doing his product photos so we are overflown by boxes of stuff. And ours is really small house.

However- Pembrokeshire.

It was wonderful, so much so that we stayed an extra night. If you will ever have a chance to go there, please do. At some moments it was really difficult to believe we are still in UK, mainly because of the colour of the water- mind you that illusion quickly disappeared when you went into it :D, 14 degree C was maximum what we got – bit chilly.


We stayed on fantastic Porthclais Farm campsite near St Davids. It is very relaxed place, on our arrival we were told to choose our pitch whenever, just make sure we won’t be too close to other tent. This way we picked this view.


Because it was first real holiday in ages (no families to entertain, no pressure) we took “easy” approach. Decided to go with a flow and just enjoy it. Done a lot of walking along the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path, which goes on for 186 miles. We did not walk all the way – we will need more holidays there to cover it. However we did walk from our campsite (which just has costal path on the border) to Caerfai beach twice.


_MG_0119This two photos were taken on the path to Caerfai, one below was on the beach that day, it wasn’t too sunny when we got there, so we spend our time taking photos of rockpools instead._MG_0159


On the way from Porthclais to Caerfai is St Non’s chapel, lovely tranquil little place. Worth a visit just to see the copy of one of Notre Dame sculptures of Our Lady (unfortunately, I didn’t take tripod with me so no good photos of it), and the stained glass. I love stained glass.


_MG_0113 _MG_0107 _MG_0108

For very nice beach we went to Newgale. Please be aware that in high tide there is no beach there. But in a low tide it looks like that. And is great for surfing, if that’s your thing.


On the way back from Newgale we stopped at Solva, quirky little village full of artists and fishmongers. If you will get a chance stop by Lavender Cafe, run by Cuban artist.

We found there fantastic place for fresh fish, when going towards St Davids look for red lobster on the curb and you won’t miss it. There we got our dinners for most days. Nothing can beat the taste of fresh mackerel, straight from the grill, when looking at the sea it was pulled from earlier that day.


Just round the corner (of a field) we had a little inlet (to small to call it harbour) where we went crabbing in the afternoons.

_MG_0069 _MG_0076

Most of our evening we were walking and chasing sunsets. I’ll make a separate post about sunsets there. Mother nature gave us such a display!

On our second day there we walked to St Justinians, there is a Life Boat station, where you can catch a boat to see wonderful wildlife, including dolphin spotting trips. We run out of time to do that. Clearly we will have to get back there.

Anyway few photos from our walk.

_MG_0160 _MG_0102 _MG_0135 _MG_0152

Other lovely places we went to and see will be in another post. How thing stand at the moment I believe this part of Pembrokeshire is the most beautiful place in UK. For sure we will go back.