Scary headlines and immigration crisis.

I know I said that won’t be writing about politics. But reading the news and editorials about current immigration crisis makes lots of people scared. Being told that country X will have to get 10 000 and Y 15 000, because someone in EU said so, makes lots of people angry.

I am an immigrant. I moved to UK from Poland 9 years ago. In last 3 years I have to listen to (mainly) politicians but as well regular people complaining about level of immigration. Before last general election we were blamed for everything that was wrong with the system. We were told we were stealing british jobs and milk benefit system. That NHS waiting lists, crowded schools and housing prices rise were our doing to. That over 22 000 children living in Poland gets child benefit and thats wrong, but it wouldn’t be wrong if the parent who works here brought them to live in UK so they could crowd schools even more and put more strain on NHS.

I experienced first hand how this multi-culti society deals with people who came here to work hard and better their lives. I work as an interpreter and often hear the comments about my clients who don’t know much of language. But I have  yet met single polish person who would come here with idea of using benefit system.  We are used to idea that no system will help us if we won’t help ourselves.

So now reading the headlines about syrian immigration crisis I am worried about this poor people. Of course I have an emotional response seeing bodies of children washed up on Mediterranean shores. I believe most people have. And then I read some article or other about how only 27% of them are women and children, how majority are young males. How different they are in their cultural upbringing. I do feel for those people who run, scared for their lives and lives of their families. And I can see how in future they will be penalized for seeking better future.  How prejudice and fear will prevent them from full assimilation, and if they will be granted asylum with all financial benefits how public will hate them.  And if UK will take them in how in time for next election they will be used as a target and potential political weapon by UKIP and others alike.

And I understand the fears, that ISIS fighters can be hidden amongst them. In a recent radio programme someone said that in ’30 Jews were taken in and no questions were asked. OK, but there was no risk that those Jews would put on explosive vest and made final journey on the crowded tube carriage was it? Unfortunately we won’t have this comfort with this time.

I personally believe we should somehow help them. Just don’t know how.

And thing I don’t understand is why US of A – who stormed into the middle east and destabilised the whole region, don’t have to participate in solving this mess (running refugee camps is not an answer!).

And why Gulf countries in a spirit of Islam don’t take them in. After all, they are the closest in cultural and geographic sense.

And I don’t know anyone who could answer that.