Random conversations in the bus or the sky is a limit.

It is fair to say that I don’t like people very much, don’t like being forced in small spaces with them. That is why my daily commute is a source of suffering for me. Sometimes however it can be a source of inspiration. Those random conversations can be enlightening.

I guess we all experienced at some point the stranger telling us the story of his/hers life. Even if their lives had no single interesting element to it (what happens more often than you would think) the need they have to validate themselves in strangers eyes is fascinating.

The other day I sat next to a woman in her late 40ties, she managed in a space of 45 minutes journey tell me all about her failed marriage and all about her children. And when talking about them, she made very clear distinction between two of her daughters. “yes, yes I am proud of them both, but… the one who studied the law she is my success. She is earning a lot.” When I pointed out that money are not a sole measure of success and for sure they won’t give her happiness this woman was baffled.

See from where I am standing money you can earn working for someone else are never enough. And as much as you can get in wages it have different feel than what you earn on your own. After all that girl might work for some big law firm, however her 100 hour weeks make someone else rich.

The old cliche of money not giving the happiness- I know it’s more comfortable to cry in Merc than on the bike, however freedom is what gives real happiness. Freedom of choice, freedom to choose life you want. Freedom to have life -work balance the way it works for you. And having a boss you will never have it, and if you insist on having your life balance- your bank balance will suffer.

But not all of us can be mavericks. Nature needs lots of worker bees. So maybe this lady and her daughters need that old fashioned class system. Because they are lower middle class in mind, and no amount of studying and success will ever change it. They all need security of someone else making decisions and telling them what to do.

I am so glad ofv my classless upbringing. I can truly tell my daughter that she can be whomever she want, and she will believe me. The sky’s the limit for our dreams- and if you look hard you will find the way to make them.