Do you have it as well, this feeling when things don’t go your way that you are wasting your time, when in fact you should be doing something else entirely? Well, I have this now regarding my uni work. I still haven’t finished my project, need to finish presentation for next Tuesday and revise to the exam (advanced chemistry one at that!). I can’t concentrate on any of this and my little i-polar problem is flaring up, I’m getting restless. At the time when I should be firmly grounded and as efficient as hell! I guess it’s the stress levels that make things worse, but can’t rack up the meds because I need a clear mind. Today I had a mini anxiety attack-  like I need this now!

All I can think about is how badly I need holiday.  And I still have about 1000 words to finish- why did I do this to myself and enrolled for another year? Loki *only knows. Wish me luck and sanity.

* my personal god of chaos



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