Pembrokeshire part 2 woolen mills and potteries.

So what else is to do in Pembrokeshire apart of walking, you might ask. Loads! If you like anything artistic or crafty, this part of Wales is a heaven.

On one of the days, when we were there it was bit cloudy and  gray, so we visited all local galleries, potteries and woolen mills we could find. And believe me , there are too many to take in one day.

We stayed in a triangle between St Davids, Fishguard and Haverfordwest, just wondered around and whenever we seen interesting signpost we went to explore.

We spent whole morning in St Davids, which will get a special post. Just too much to do and see there to cram it into one with others.

So as we set off from St David’s in general direction of Fishguard, we found signs for handweaving centre. As I love all crafts that include thread we followed. We found Melin Trefin weaving centre in Trefin. There we found fantastic hand loom- I want one!


This photo is borrowed from Mari-anne  Maddocks Instagram. Because I was too much in awe to take pictures myself.

From there we just went from one village to the next. Sometimes stopping to have a look – like in the place called Longhouse, where is an ancient burial chamber.


Whole field is a one massive burial place, is dotted around with big flat stones surrounding this structure. Unfortunately lighting was very dull so only one pic I salvaged.

From there we went to Melin Tregwynt, fantastic woolen mill. You can check it out on, worth having a look, and buy something. I walked away with broken heart, as I just couldn’t get everything I would like. (Our bank balance and my husbands stern look said no!). The quality of their work is just amazing. And when you go there you can watch how the mill works. You can as well stop for a coffee. Beautiful place.

natural_stack_500 aquastack_7918_500

Again pinched photos from their website (plonker (me) forgot to take the camera out).

Next stop was Pottery Studio in Caerfarchell, Solva. Another lovely place. And when you will visit give a cuddle to a white cat with one blue eye. He was gorgeous, and he knew it. We spent there some time chatting with guy who runs it with his very talented wife, and I hope he will get on with the website and Etsy. I would love to order some of their stuff!

Following the road we got to next woolen mill, Solva Woolen Mill – which is the oldest working one in Pembrokeshire (as their website says). They specialise in floor rugs and runners, but have a good selection on other locally made things in the shop. And they also have a cafe. Always a plus. And you can watch how the rugs are made and pet Bobin and Heddle (cats) if they will be in a mood for it.

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Photo courtesy of Mr H, because as above.

And from there we went back to the camp, buying fresh fish in Solva on the way.

Miss it already.