We need feminism, maybe now more than ever.

My brother called me a slut.

Admittedly that happened some time ago, however we had an exchange today and this memory is still clear. Then he called me that to shame me for airing my feminism, he even said “after a first child you’ll change”. Today, two decades later he is still same judgemental, narrow minded chauvinist.  But what’s worse than that he believes he is entitled to be rude to people who think different. He believes in some entitlement coming from a fact of being male.

Male language.

Unfortunately he shares this belief with quite a few people. Donald Trump for example. Where have we ended up if presidential candidate is a guy with rapist mentality? Who thinks it’s ok to force himself on a female – only because he is rich. I couldn’t comment on this better than Michelle Obama



And men like that are all over the place. Men who would prefer if we were not educated, if we were brought up only to serve them. To ensure they still can rule us, they use hateful language, they believe that shaming us into submission will work. See if you don’t behave the way they think you should they will call you a slut, an idiot, they will tell you are ugly. Sticks and stones.

Feminism in Poland.

In Poland there are many brave women who fight at the moment for their right to decide about their own bodies. For the right to have a proper medical care in pregnancy and to be able to decide their own fertility. And there are supposedly religious christians, who call them names (where is “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself”?). So called pro-life people call them murderers, whores who only want to abort their babies. Apart of the simple fact that we moved on from middle ages somewhat, if you are against abortion – don’t have one! But don’t dare to impose your views on others. We all have free will. We all should deal with consequences of our choices. But we should have a choice.



I am the lucky one, never had an unwanted pregnancy, never had one that would threaten my life or health. Haven’t yet had t decide whatever I want to give birth to a child with disability. And I hope I’ll never have to face those decisions, but if I will I am a lucky one and live in a country where it will be my decision.

I am the lucky one, because the man in my life will support me and help me – no matter what. In Poland 90% of relationships with disabled child falls apart within a year from diagnosis. Mothers are left alone, and only 30% of maintenances are  paid. There is no state support to speak of, and church organisations are shambles. Everyone wants to protect the unborn babies. What about those alive?

It is so much easier to shout abuse at the women fighting for their rights, than to do something good for others. And it is our fault, our – women. It is my mothers fault that my brother believes he is better because he has a penis. Women brought up those excuses for a men with sense of entitlement. But it’s time to stop now.

I am teaching my daughter how to be independent strong woman. She won’t put up with some sad male ersatz. I hope she won’t have to deal with too many of them.