Minimalism, Mindfulness, Zen, Hygge

Minimalism, Mindfulness, Zen, Hygge

What all of them have in common? Apart from being highly marketed concepts, that allow some people to get very rich while selling the idea of wanting less.

They are also concepts that put you and your well-being at the centre. See in the modern, very consumption-driven world we all start to suffer from stimuli overload. We have too much, we are told we have to get even more and it sometimes spirals out of control. We get overwhelmed and start to look for remedies. Minimalism, Mindfulness, Zen, Hygge became the emotional equivalent of kale and coconut oil.

After decades of over-consumption,

ideas that sugar is actually good for you and credit cards being shoved down your throat, came the economic crash. Many people lost income and credit rating and were forced to cut the spending. But no one likes to be told they can’t have things.

And that’s where Minimalism, Mindfulness, Zen, Hygge are coming in. Anyone of them will tell you that it’s the relations with people that matter. Also, that you need to slow down and you no need to spend money on things. You will find it in every single book you will purchase on any of those subjects. Ironic, don’t you think?

Thankfully there is a wealth of the blogs on the topic, and blogs are free. Here is one of my favourites. Blogs are great, they are free and most will allow you to make a decision based on some rationale. Sometimes they will prompt you in a direction you never saw before and sometimes, they will just give a name to something you were doing for most of your life.

Let us take a concept of hygge. This hard to classify cosines and the promise of living like the happiest nation on earth. If you like spending time with your family or having a hot cup of tea on bad weather day – you already doing hygge! There is absolutely no need for you to buy tons of candles, cushions and blankets. You possibly already have a lot of them and you don’t have to buy any books, which will tell you to just do that.

If you had to cut your spending and/or downsize your possessions, you definitely don’t need to change all your home decor to suit Scandia style.  You are most likely living minimalist way already.

If you work hard

to control your reactions and try to be more relaxed, more human contact oriented – you already are doing mindfulness and Zen. Mindfulness and Zen are two sides of the same coin, both are putting being at the centre. And can anyone find the difference in purpose between mindfulness colouring and zen-tangles? I can’t.

Don’t get me wrong, I love all of those concepts. I firmly believe we need more Minimalism, Mindfulness, Zen, Hygge. We need more of being instead of having. But we can do that without a book telling us how.

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