Little things that made me happy this week

But as Marilyn said “money won’t make you happy, shopping will”, so I went on a little shopping trip a got a few things.
My new foundation and makeup base.

Few scented candles.

Lovely long white shirt to wear with jeans.

Lovely new notebooks (Women can never have enough of those, right?!), and even lovelier picture frames see here

And Spring!!!

Apart from that what else can made me happy? Feeling that I actually accomplished something, so I tackled the ironing basket and finished it all, made a roast dinner, and chicken soup from leftovers, and all of that in one afternoon. Spend some time with my family.And got some photos done so I can post them here.
When I read what I wrote I can see that my internal chaos is taking over. Fine, so be it. I can live with it, in fact I live with it for (ime) 35 years. In fact I recognise the pattern, when my “big” birthday is coming up I get this massive urge to change something. So I am changing things, setting myself new challenges. This year is to get back to blogging. I use to wrote a blog (in 2003) in a different place, in a different language. Whole word apart.