lets have some hygge!

When days are getting shorter and weather colder I have increasing need for hygge, or as you wish cosiness. Danish concept of hygge includes so much more than just cosiness. It means candles, fireplaces, warm drinks, blankets and nice food. It means company of people you cherish and enjoy being with. Hygge means being content with here and now.

When my life gets hectic (more so than usual) I have to take time out and have a purring session with my cat.  Had quite rough few weeks with being back at uni and all.  During this session with merlin this afternoon I realised that I love Autumn. I love the rustling of the leaves on the walks. Collecting conkers, baking pumpkin pies.

My collection of blankets is growing, I might to pick again knitting needles and don’t need an excuse for candles. When it gets dark outside everything needs to slow down. It’s time to find new drama to watch or book to read, make a cup of nice chai tea (starbucks has a nice one) and enjoy being with my family.

So if you think you could buy  into the Danish lifestyle you will need few things

  •  fire place and/or candles ( in industrial quantities)
  • warm socks
  • cosy blankets
  • nice drinks ( tea or hot chocolate is ok, mulled wine can be nice too!)
  • good food (anything that makes you happy)

And if you have good company enjoy it, if you don’t enjoy time for yourself. Have a bath, read a book, sing aloud.

Just be happy