Internet problems

Everyone knows how important it is to have reliable internet connection.
Especially if you work from home and email is your main communication method. So after using 3 mobile broadband for couple of years, which is limited (not good) we switched to EE home broadband in the end of October. Looked good. To start off with that is. Then in december fault on the line happened, so had to call them to get it fixed. Still couldn’t complain as they fixed it within 3 days and we were on holiday at the time. However month later our internet stopped working altogether and when I called them I was told that I cancelled services, apparently when I called to requested the repair. After 3 days of phone calls and being passed from pillar to post between various departments, they eventually admitted it was their administrative error.  But no apology was offered, and they told us that can reinstate the account within two weeks, TWO WEEKS!!! So simply we moved on. Got a Talk Talk and lived happily ever after.
But there is no happily ever after. Three months on they try to chase us for broken contract and almost £100. And there is no way on earth that we will pay it. Their customer service in our case was appalling, we never received notification of this alleged administrative error. We only found out when our internet stopped. Thank goodness we have a backup of 3 payasyougo mobile internet otherwise we would have to sue them for loss of business. And now they have guts to chase us for money.
So just had a chat with girl from company doing chasing for them, explained the situation and she listened. We will see where it will go. But I will not give up without a fight.

So to de-stress I went online for more home decor inspiration, as we are still in process of decorating. The thing is this staircase. I am very tempted to something similar in silver as so far our stairs are green with white. All the pics are on my pinterest and from here.