I’m working and zentangles

and by the looks of it I’m quite good at it. Surprisingly being adult is not that difficult albeit  makes me permanently tired- in this place I want to dedicate my lack of sleep to my husband and Ragnar Lothbrok.

Even got pulled for a small chat with my boss last week, in which he asked me a sneaky question- where are you with your career at the moment? It took all my politeness to just   refuse any deeper conversation in this matter. As I’m not looking for a career at the moment, I’m just earning to be able to take my family for holidays in Iceland!! And don’t see myself doing an admin job for the rest of my working life. Much rather would be doing doodling. I didn’t say about fantasizing of a major disaster in the area which could give me a first hand experience at recovery of body parts. See I am getting better at being adult.

But still prefer doodling.