Housewife’s view on current affairs.Taharrush.

I don’t believe, that there is a single intelligent woman out there who wouldn’t be worried after seeing what is happening on the continent. And do you know what taharrush is

Simply put it is a form of a sexual harassment, and can take the form of a gang rape. Now do you really think any female can feel safe on the streets of European cities, if this took place in a middle of Germany? And don’t get me wrong, I don’t blame Germans for it. Maybe their politicians, for the “open door” policy, which made OUR continent vulnerable, but I completely understand how it was possible for police to be unprepared. They are use to living and working in the society, where majority are low abiding citizens. But now they are faced with masses of migrants, who have no moral rules and no civilized manners. That however doesn’t stop them from having the illusion of superiority, especially towards women.

I wrote before about islamic attitude towards women and how appalling it is. Yesterday I got sucked in absolutely pointless discussion over this:


Yes, you guessed well, I shared it and liked it, my fellow student however did not agreed. He called me a racist over that and when I pointed out that Islam is a religion, not a race, his reply was “I’m not interested in your science”. In the same conversation, he justified the violence in France and other countries, as a retribution for Charlie Hebdo cartoons.   So someone, who suppose to be a scientist!, educated person is not ashamed to say that killing for a cartoon is justified. How many of guys like him are around? How long will it take for them to come out and threaten the law and order in UK?

I understand the thought process behind this poster, there is a wealth of scientific and popular articles about female suicide bombers. If you want check here, here and here. If this last link won’t work for you you can download the copy here: female suicide bombers. And when in fact a risk of female suicide bomber is admittedly quite small, no one will give us guarantees, that the person in burka is female indeed. But what is more important from my point of view is simple fact, that burka is not really acceptable in our culture, culture of the openness of showing ones face. Apart form simple thing of it not being the strictly speaking religious requirement. It’s a patriarchal cultural concept, forcing women into submission.  I understand the requirement of the modesty in one’s outfit. I even agree with it! (it’s not pleasant thing to be shown other people’s flappy bits unexpectedly), but to cover the face is going too far. Ok enough of transgressing on this issue.

Back to the main subject. When in the spring and summer of the last year voices were raised warning that something, like this might happen sooner or later- they were brandes xenophobes, scare mongers, racists.  When this awful thing was happening in Cologne, politicians and senior police were caught unaware. More to the point, they are reports of authorities trying to hush up the whole thing “not to incite the anti- migrant moods”. And now as the time goes on, we read and hear about more and more assaults in more and more European countries. And the only thing this achieves is the skyrocketing support for the extreme right. I am scared of any form of extremism. Because extremism doesn’t listen to logic, or any other point of view than it’s own. I see no difference between so called refugees assaulting women on new years eve and nationalists destroying kebab shops this past weekend. And there is another thing which those both groups share. Blatant disregard for the law.

I know I am worried and even though we planned to visit continent this year, I don’t think we will.  I am not prepared to put myself and my daughter into that sort of a risk. I am frightened of a future. I am worried that this people might come to UK under some migration quotas.  Women spent decades fighting for rights and respect, we still have to deal with many instances of being belittled if assaulted. We don’t need big groups of people for whom women are a second category citizens  to spread their values here.

And today on the top of all those awful events there was a suicide bomber attack in one of the most popular tourist places in Turkey. If the Germany will start to go harder on migrants – they will be next. I wanted to go to BERLINER PHILHARMONIKER to see Simon Rattle conducting “Daphnis et Chloé”, but they won and I won’t. Shame.

I emigrated once, I might have to do that again to escape where Europe is going.