Holiday is over, time to change.

So the holiday in many a sense is now over, I will soon start a full-time job, summer is almost over but this is not the only change in my/our lives.

A year plan

so within a year, we will move the house, I will start next studies (yes I am a sucker for punishment and an addict), I will get some healthy and good for me habits instead of chocoholism and smoking. As I’m writing I am officially 48 hours cigarette free. Can’t say same about the chocolate though :-). But have done some morning yoga.

It has to be a year

because my next course starts in September 2018, it is a Masters course in Forensic Anthropology, and I can’t wait. And I need this full-time job to save enough money to move.  We already started de-cluttering our house, and believe me – despite my love for minimalism we still have far too much stuff. Some of it went to charity, some to the skip (and it’s shameful how much), but some we try to sell.

And monetising your crap

can be fun, so far I got rid and got paid for 60 kg of clothing, 100 kg of books and I still have some adverts pending on Gumtree. My greatest discovery is an app of WeBuyBooks,  these guys will instantly evaluate your books, give you a quote and free posting. All you need to do is to box it up. They buy CD’s and DVD’s too, so it helps in clearing house even more.  And of course, it is and will be an ongoing process.

Other things that will have to change

include the fact, that I’ll have to commute to next town, so I already plan to use this time to read or maybe even work on the blog so won’t be wasting an hour of my life every day, but only time will tell and best-laid plan in my case don’t always pan out. One of the things I want to change is me.  Stop myself from being so chaotic and unorganized, because it is tiring, not only for me but my family too. I need to work on earlier get ups and goings to bed, this is going to be a big one, no more watching Grace and Frankie until midnight, no more sleeping to 10 am. Work routine will take care of it, also school runs are looming ahead.

But I managed to complete some things this summer,

I finished up-cycling my chairs, and painted a nest of tables in lovely chalky antique white; re-decorated bedroom and lounge, sawn cushions matching the curtains for my daughters bedroom and planted all my herbs into big pots. Had days without internet (especially Facebook) and it was great. Read a lot, visited nice places without actually going away on holiday. I made some lists, that were all crossed when done- and for me that is an achievement.

Still not sure about my graduation ceremony though – to go or not to go- that is a question.