Getting ready to go back to uni. Stationery choice.

Maybe it is a bit odd at my age to get excited about stationery, but why not. I know where is the root of it, in my childhood. Still remember that when I started school, there was no nice stationery available- downsides of centrally managed economy (read: communism), then when I was a bit older (still in primary school) it suddenly changed (communism collapsed), we were flooded with lots of stuff, usually very garish. Just the stuff nobody else wanted was pushed through polish market. But as well there were times when we suffered horrible inflation, so my parents refused to buy unnecessary stuff. The books for school were expensive enough (btw all kids in Poland have to have their books for all the subjects- and parents have to pay for them. That is the polish definition of free education). So my internal need for nice notebooks and pens, and pencils was never satisfied.

Now I can make up for it and soothe my internal child :D. And what better excuse than starting new semester.

Anyway I believe that it is easier to learn and work in a nice environment. So that is a part of creating one.

As a part of it I am of shopping today. Cheshire Oaks here I come!

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