Five ways to simplify your life.

They are many ways to simplify one’s life, my way works for me and might not work for you, however, you might give it a go. In last four years, I juggled work, full-time degree, and family, with mixed results. I was always tired, exhausted for a lot of it, did not get best results at work or at uni, because I tried to do too much at the time. It became obvious during my final year when not everything was such a plain sailing. Now I know that I needed a break, and I am going to have one now. I’ll just concentrate on work and family, and me. Next year when I will go back to uni, I want to be able to dedicate as much of my time to it as possible.

  1. Make a list, in fact, multiple lists

    Make sure you write down all activities, from answering to emails to calling your mum, all shopping, all washing, and ironing, all those grinding daily tasks. Plan your meals, plan your shopping (more lists), plan your budget. It will take time to get used to it, to start off with, you will have a feeling that you are wasting time instead of saving it, but once you get a grip it will be a nice habit to have.

  2. Prioritise, simplify and delegate

    Separate your activities into those you have to do (like to buy food and clean your place) and optional (like going out with friends and Facebooking). Then decide how much time you want to spend on each of them, if you live with a family – maybe someone else can do the dishes or ironing? Does it have to be you?

  3. Remove excess activities

    Decide how much time can you spend watching things and stick to the limit.

  4. Concentrate

    When you do something, do it full on, do not watch a movie and look at Instagram at the same time, it’s a waste of energy. Do not eat and Facebook, concentrate on eating. If you write, don’t listen to the radio. That way everything will get done faster – trust me.

  5.  Make sure you put into your plans fun elements too. And reward yourself.

    Especially if you can place them between duties, you know like a nice coffee break during work or a walk in a park after a morning of food shopping. Buy yourself something nice, just for you. I know it’s tough but you can do it.