downsides in minimalism lifestyle

Does the minimalism have downsides?

When I look at our place, after latest rounds of getting rid I can seriously say yes. Yes, minimalism lifestyle has some downsides. More I get rid, more I see I still have. And if you put me on the scale, I’ll be somewhere between hoarders and ascetic. Closer to ascetic I hope, mainly because I don’t keep useless or broken things. But I still have far too many things, that have some vague emotional value and piles of books, and collections of things that are only pleasing to the eye.

See if you open yourself to the internet, you open yourself to criticism. I have (at the last count) 15 pairs of shoes. Eight of them are high heels, which I wear only on big occasions. More to the point I have 2 pairs which are almost identical, the only difference is one of them are patent and the other kid. This thing alone disqualifies me as a minimalist. In some anal people opinion that is.

Minimalism is more a philosophy in life,

that level of possession. Cutting down on the stuff you have feels good on so many levels. From environmental considerations to your bank account, but really it’s more about your state of mind.

I love the fact, that if I’m late in the morning, I can grab anything from my wardrobe and it will work with any other thing I find there. Love being able to find everything on the first go. Love that I don’t have to spend time cleaning things I no longer use or want.

But most of all I love being able to just look at the stuff in the shops (or on—line) and don’t impulse buy. Love being able to see it with my other things and then decide if I want it. Or need it. 9 out of 10 I won’t, so I won’t buy. Five years ago I would buy, then chuck it to the charity shop a few months later after not wearing/using it once.

I cut out all subscriptions to the surprise boxes. I also unsubscribed from lots of mailing lists. Don’t get the temptation in the first place! All clothing I plan to get this autumn is a pair of boots I can wear to the office and nice, chunky cardigan – also for the office. Other than that, I buy only essentials and replacements.

During this compulsive spending therapy, I found the most important thing. For me, minimalism is about having what is right for you and not being a slave to your possessions. Because more things you own, more things own you.

And I have no snowball chance in hell to be a minimalist level nomad. I already own furniture.

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