Daughters new bedroom and other activities

So after half a day of blood, sweat and tears (most of it from nearly 10 year old) daughters bedroom was finally finished. Resulting not only in putting new bed in and reorganising layout.

Several bin bags of rubbish and another 4 of clothes she doesn’t want to wear or don’t fit in any more and lots of books. So we embarked on a trip to charity shops to make donations, and to shopping centre to soothe those feeling that got hurt in a process.
I needed few basics (cotton pads, shower gel etc) young madam had a time of her life in Primark. Came out with 2 pairs of sunglasses, hat, flowery head band, and I don’t know what else.
To soothe the Daddy’s feelings (who had to put new bed together) we visited Hotel Chocolat. And believe me folks, every penny spent there is worth it. Best chocolate I have ever tasted. Rich, smooth, not too sweet.  Especially their dark selections. Daughter got him chilli penguins, he is going to enjoy that. I got this naughty, not so little packet and I intend to enjoy every piece of it (might share).

When we got back I made the dinner (jerk chicken and sweet potatoes with green beans) and made bread. In our home we often bake our bread, it’s great for destressing.

Only minus is we often eat the first loaf straight from the oven. It’s so delicious when warm.
And now, when I finish this post, I need to seriously do some studying. Exams very soon and  passed last year with first, would be embarrassed to go below that.