Busy weekend. Sunday @NT Croft Castle.

I dragged my husband to Cheshire Oaks on Saturday, so quid pro quo, we went  outdoorsy on Sunday. Because our English Heritage membership expired we decided to opt for National Trust this time. Don’t get me wrong English Heritage is great, but we thought we will use National Trust more over the winter months. Main difference between them being Heritage sites are more often rudimentary, Trust on the other hand has more stately homes. And where is stately home there are gardens and grounds for walks and usually lovely cafe for scones and hot chocolate afterwards to keep the daughter happy. This time we visited the Croft Castle.

Croft Castle and parkland was our choice this time. We haven’t seen it yet,  despite having NT membership before, we didn’t venture to Herefordshire before.

First things first, it was very well signposted and easy to find. Which makes for a great start. When we got there we had lovely weather- that helps too. We took Patch with us and most of NT sites are dog friendly.(Sometimes you have to keep your pooch on short leash because of farm animals on the grounds, but that is absolutely fine).

When we went to see the house (castle) Patch waited in the car, mind you it’s October in UK so that is fine, but never ever leave your dog in the car in a summer.

Castle was very impressive and Gabs took part in kids trail, basically finding hidden things in each of the rooms- great fun, but don’t be fooled- they call it kids trail but whole family has to contribute. It was first time we visited fully interactive NT house. We used furniture in some of the rooms and even could play the piano.

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I spent some time reading the recipes for cocktails from The Savoy Cocktail Book. Think I’ll try some of them :D.



My absolute favourite was the garden. It is gorgeous place with many hidden gems. It is worth to visit just for the garden. At least from my point of view.  But please do check for yourself. And in the autumn please do try some of the apples, few of them reminded me my childhood.

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Strategically placed armchairs were very nice touch.


After wandering the gardens we went for coffee and hot chocolate (Gabs), and we got to try the most amazing scones I have ever had. Didn’t take any photos of them, but got this little guy hoping for some crumbs.


From caffee we went on for a walk in the grounds, There are several trails to choose from and we for sure will be back to explore the rest of them. On the end little photo of lovely young chaps and their mums we met, they didn’t even move!