Brexit – questions without an answer

Voting in two days, more questions coming up. I even looked up the Leave campaign website, but there is nothing beyond slogans. So for me most important slogan is about reducing (or shutting down) immigration. Ony thing about what will be after in terms of immigration reads:

Sixth, we will have a sensible regime for the movement of people that allows us to replace the awful immigration policy we have now – a combination of an open door for low skilled labour and convicted criminals from the EU while simultaneously stopping highly skilled people from outside the EU coming to the UK to contribute. We will take back control of our asylum policy from the European Court, including over the vital 1951 UN Convention on refugees. As another billion people are added to the world population and this population becomes more urban and mobile, it is vital for our prosperity and democratic legitimacy that we regain the power to change our immigration policy according to changing circumstances.

So EU migrants are no no, because they are low skilled labur, OK – so who do you suggest replace them in UK factories?

All those doctors and dentists from EU are a low skilled labour too? (in some dental practices only receptionists are British).

What will happen with all those EU migrants living here already?

Mind you a guy who has an immigrant wife shouting about kicking migrants out (looking at the Farage) – makes you wonder is the marriage on the rocks? Still, digressing aside.

I am a migrant (funny, my friends grandma, who retired to Spain is not a migrant- she is an expat!), I am married to British – will I have to jump through hoops to be able to live here? Or should we both leave? because either way we are in it together.

My friends are both Polish, live here for last 11 years, work, pay mortgage – will they have to leave?, what sort of hoops will they have to jump through?

Given I can stay, will my sister need a visa to come and have a holiday with me?

Another friend runs a shop with polish food, quite a successful business I may add, what about her shop? Will she have to leave, shut down business and let her employees go?

What will happen to local food factory, where 90% of shopfloor stuff is eastern european? If they will have to leave, who will work there instead?

If we are not welcome here anymore, do we get compensations for investments made? Houses etc? if we have to leave?

Does anyone has any idea what the fuck will happen if we Brexit?