Another few words about immigration. Political correctness aside.

Read it please before passing any judgment. An immigration is a very sensitive issue, but everyone have a right to opinion.

In case anyone would like to accuse me of racism I just want to point out the scientific anthropological classification which is : caucasian, mongoloid and negroid. So just white, yellow and black, Asian as used in UK is not a race- is is a ethnic background and logically should be called Indian. Majority of middle east are white, or caucasian so calls about racism are completely unfounded. I never paid any attention to the colour of one’s skin. What I do pay attention however is said persons behaviour.

Being a visitor puts on us imperative of respect for hosts rules and laws. If I would go to Saudi Arabia I would not go in public without covering according to their culture, and not because of the fear of consequences but out of respect to the host laws.  If you seek to settle in a secular country to use the benefit of democracy and freedom it implies that those values are important to you. However many Muslims belive that Sharia law suprasses the law of the land they live in. And that complying with laws of for example UK is only optional. Hence we had very loud cases of honour killings (approx. a dozen registered every year and those are only the detected ones)   and other honour related crimes which are rising every year (most likely due to the increase of population – which has doubled in 10 years between censuses).

Little degression so we all are on the same page- I am not specifically anti-Islamic, I am definitely anti-religion if said religion has aspirations to curb my human rights fought and won by generations before me. Will it be extreme Catholicism, Islam or Flying Spaghetti Monster , I don’t care who they are. The belief systems closest to my heart are the Norse and Celtic ones, in which women had same rights and same respect as men and Christianity took it all away from us. Yes, you can guess I am a raving feminist and proud of it.

In a recent days I read a lot about what is happening in Europe regarding mass immigration, some even say – invasion. I agree that is a strong word but it reflects the fear of this human mass, flooding the continent. This fear is perpetuated by individuals from same religious background as the migrants saying things like paraphrasing “western women invite our rapes, due to the way they dress”, people like Anjem Choudary (it still baffles me that british and american TVs are giving him a spot light- with the things he is preaching he should be in hospital). Reading the news from continent, specifically from Poland and Germany where demonstrations against immigrants quotas were organised I understand this fear. A lot of polish in recent decade gained an experience with multi-culti society. They migrated for work to western Europe. A lot of them went back to Poland with images of whole areas of western European cities being taken over by religious and ethnic groups. They experienced the sharia patrols in London – last place on earth you would expect that (however you can find proof of it on youtube). Marseille in not a french city anymore. Whole districts of german cities and towns are taken and police is scared to go there. This people who demonstrate against helping syrians and others are doing so out of fear. They simply don’t want the same happening in their neighbourhood.

I know we should somehow help them, I too have an out of gut response to photos of drown children. But I do have a question. If we will take them in (all over the EU) and if they fail to recognise the value of democracy, if big number of them fail to integrate. If they decide that, because in their belief sharia law is superior to secular law of the country they are in, they can extend the sanctioned by their religion violence, to european women and children, what will we do? We- as those highly developed societies, what will we do? It will be too late to send them back where they came from. In many cases it is too late already, like the case of William Danga -asylum seeker, convicted of rape and sexual assault, who fought deportation claiming right to family life- and won!  Don’t get me wrong I love the Human Rights Act, but it should not be extended to those who don’t respect it. I believe that everyone who is breaching human rights of another person is automatically rejecting his/hers own. It is my opinion, but this is my blog so I can put here whatever the hell I want.

We all have this false sense of security because of democracy and safe life.The last war our continent experienced finished 70 years ago. We have a cushy life. We are taught from early age to respect the law (majority of us that is), not to break the law and if we are brought up as christians we have all the stuff about helping each other and love thy neighbour. We are completely unprepared to deal with people who are told from early age that they should disregard secular law, because of god’s will. And that people who don’t share their faith are sub-humans.

Historia vitae magistra est –history is the teacher of life (Cicero). If that is the truth please read about invasion in VII AD. And how life looked in southern Europe for next 7 centuries. Preferably in publications pre 1970, as from then the academic word took big turn and rewritten some of it. When the ambition of Ottoman Empire reached as far as Vienna, and left many orphans in wake. And then think how to help this poor people without exposing for harm western way of life in a long term.