Welsh clay pot loaves.. new face of bread.

I often bake bread at home and this are so cute! Make a nice change at the dinner party and they are very tasty.


They look great when you have people round for a dinner, good alternative to a boring slices.

You can make them in a herby version or just a plain one. You will need:

115g wholemeal flour

350g strong white bread flour

1 tsp of salt

150 ml of water, 120 ml of milk and 50g melted butter – all in an room temperature

1 egg, beaten- for glazing

1 sachet of dried yeast or 15g of fresh ones. If using fresh ones you will have to cream them with milk and let them start before putting with a flour.

For herby version you will also need 1 tbsp of fresh, chopped chives, 1 tbsp of fresh, chopped parsley, 1/2 tbsp of fresh chopped sage and 2 crushed and chopped cloves of garlic.

Prepare your pots (grease and coat with bread crumbs), put flour, dried yeast and salt in a bowl, make a well in a centre and add all the liquids and knead to make a dough, and then knead more until it’s smooth and elastic. Whenever you think it’s done do it for 5 more minutes 🙂 (I use the mixer with dough hooks). Then let it prove for at least an hour or until doubled in bulk.

Turn it onto lightly! floured surface and knock back a bit, if you are using herbs mix them in now. Divide the dough into prepared two 14 inch  pots and let it prove for another hour or an hour and a half.

Brush with beaten egg and sprinkle with the topping of your choice (I used Nigella seeds).

Bake in hot (200 C or gas 6) oven for about 35-40 minutes.

I made it into 6 4 inch pots, as an individual servings, so everyone could get their pot.

Enjoy. Best is fresh from the oven.

If your pots are playing up i.e. sticking, prepare them in advance by covering with oil (inside and out) and baking in a hot oven for approx 40 min at the time 4-6 times.