Pumpkin cake for Halloween

Hello guys, it’s Halloween. Time for pumpkin cake.

I know I have been quiet lately but had some adventures and will write all about it in a due course.


For today however I have to catch up with baking and have this little snack for you. It’s great for lunch box, or as a replacement for carrot cake. Pumpkins are in season so use them as much as possible. All you need:

300g self-raising flour

200g light brown sugar

3tspĀ cinnamon

1tsp ground ginger

175g cranberries/ raisins/sultanas mix

1/2 tsp salt

4 beaten eggs

200g melted butter

350g pumpkin (grated raw or puree)

Mix it all together. Pour in a lined tray and bake in 180C (gas 5) for approx 40-45 min, or until the skewer comes out clean.


You can jazz it up šŸ™‚ by putting frosting on, just like theĀ carrot cake.