Pork pies – recipe :-D

For anyone who like them, like my family, they are a great thing to take for picnics. Self contained parcels.


500g of pork mince

1 big onion – finely chopped



lots and lots of freshly ground black pepper


I used apple balsamic vinegar in those, but that’s just me. You can season any way you want.

For hot crust pastry:

300g plain flour

70g strong white bread flour

1tsp of salt

70g of marge

60g of butter

130 ml boiling water

Mix the flours with salt and butter (like for scones), boil water with fat and pour over the flour. Work the dough – you need to be quick, as when it cools it becomes unworkable. That is why you need to prepare the stuffing first.

Use 12 hole deep muffin tray, cut big circles of rolled out pastry and line the holes of the tray. Place a golf ball size portion of mince inside and cover with another (much smaller) circle of pastry. Roll the edges together. When you make all of them, cut small holes in the tops (to allow the steam out).  Bake in moderate oven (gas 5, 180C) for about 40-50 minutes, when the look done, bruch a bit of milk over the tops, to make them brown.

Take to the picnic. If you want to be purist, you could add a jelly (by injecting it), but they don’t survive long enough for that in my family!