Polish stuffed cabbage rolls.

Another one of those where as many homes that many recipes. You can find an endless list of varieties. I worked on this one for a while. Now it’s almost perfect. So I’ll work on it again and change seasonings or something else, otherwise it would be boring. My family loves the stuffed cabbage – makes an instant dinner – just add gravy.

Anyway you need to start with stuffing. For that I used 2 boil in the bag white buckwheat (parboiled), 2 finely chopped onions – sautéed them a bit, a good handful of chopped dried mushrooms (soaked in hot water and then simmered for 10 min with a bit of butter- improves the flavour) and 800g of minced meat –  used beef this time. For seasonings I used lots and lots of freshly ground black pepper and ground fenugreek. Mix it all together – it should stick together and easily form a ball. Now for wrapping I used sauerkraut, sometimes you can buy the whole leaves, if not you’ll have to use fresh and then you would have to change seasonings i.e.  add salt.

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Put a fist size ball of stuffing in the middle of the leaf and roll it, move to roasting tray, make another one.

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When you will have roasting tray full, put it in the hot oven (gas 6 or 200-220C) and bake for at least an hour, if it’s burning cover the top. Serve hot with some nice gravy.


It’s one of those dishes that will always make more than you need. Pack it into meal size portions (there are 3 of us so 2 rolls each for example) and freeze. Before baking that is. Then when you need it you just need to pull it out of the freezer and bake. Ready meal!