More seasonal food. Spinach.

I love seasonal food. I love spinach. So it’s win win.

Went to the garden and seen this:

It was obvious that I have to make something with it.

So I started with filo pastry and butter.

Once I lined the baking dish with overlapping layers of pastry I made the filling.

I put approx 500 g of spinach, blanched in a blender with 2 cloves of garlic, 500 g of drained cottage cheese, (you can use feta, but I prefer less salt) and an egg, a bit of salt and a lot of ground nutmeg.
Then I put this in the filo wrapping.



Covered it with more pastry, generously brushed with more melted butter. So it was sealed all over.

Then baked it for 45 min in 200 C.

Came out like that.


It was yumm.