Healthy breakfast- buckwheat pancakes!

For change, because we got into a habit of bacon and eggs (it’s holiday after all). This morning I made pancakes, and not just ordinary ones but buckwheat ones. Yummm.

For pancakes you will need:

buckwheat flour (you can buy that in your local polish shop -cheaper or health shops- bit more expensive) approx 250g,

2 eggs,

1 cup of milk,

pinch of salt,

fizzy water (I used 330ml bottle and still there is some left),

approx 50ml of sunflower oil.

Beat the eggs in a bowl, add milk, oil, salt and half the flour. Then add some water, mix, add rest of the flour and more water. Until it will have right consistency. You should know how pancake batter looks like :D.

Let it rest for 15 min, heat up frying pan (I use ceramic coated for pancakes, but non-stick is good too). If it gets too dense – due to buckwheat flour properties, add some more water.

Start frying. Just like normal pancakes.

For filling I used egg and watercress for savouries,


and cream cheese with mashed banana and homemade blackberry and apple jam for sweet ones.


But any filling will work well with them, just give them a go. And btw, they are gluten free.