Best cheesecake ever.

My family loves cheesecake. Admittedly I don’t make it too often, because I always make it huge and it will disappear within 2 days max. It is easy to make, just good cheese costs a bit and to get it I have to go to polish shop (I’m just lazy and don’t like hassle- so if I go there for something else, then I get that cheese). You don’t have to use same type of cheese, but then it requires some more work. I buy 1 kg buckets of pre-prepared cheesecake cheese. Pure cheese, no additives. If you want to try, ask in local polish shop for Patnica cheese.

For the other option you will need 1 kg of cottage cheese- that is drained weight. Make sure no fluid is left (best is to put it on the sieve or cloth overnight and let it drip). Then you have to mix it until smooth- cream cheese or ricotta won’t work in this case (to soft). Once is smooth put aside. Take 250 g of soft butter (I use stork) and cream it with 8 -10 tbsp of sugar (I use homemade vanilla one), you can add grated peel of 1 lemon. Mix in 6 egg yolks and 4 tbs of starch (can replace with corn flour) and 2 tbs of dry semolina. Add the cheese, mix well (more air you will put in the better). Add candied orange peel (2-3 tbs) and raisins or sultanas (2 handfuls are enough). Whip the egg whites (6). Gently fold them in. Pour in prepared baking tin (butter the dish and line with baking paper), bake in moderate oven (gas 5) for approx. 1 hour.

Cheesecake have to be set in the middle- can’t wobble. Switch off the oven and let it cool with door open. Once cool cover it with chocolate ganache (my is 200 ml of double cream and 200 g of dark 80% chocolate, melt together, pour on cake).

You should refrigerate overnight before eating, but I can bet you won’t be able to resist :P.