Another veggie food or aubergine rolls.


What aubergine, walnuts and pomegranate can be used for? For a georgian classic. Georgian as from Georgia in south-east Europe FYI.

It is healthy, tasty and simple, and it won’t take long to make it. Promise. And most likely no one you know will serve them on a party as well, so that is a bonus.

All you need is to put a pack of walnuts with 2 cloves of garlic and bunch of coriander into a blender and give it a good chop. Add 1/2 tsp of ground fenugreek, 1/2 tsp of chilli powder, 1/2 tsp of ground coriander and a bit of salt. Chop it until it’s almost smooth then add up to 1 cup of water (do it gradually so you can see what consistency it has, should be cream- amount of water needed depends on how fresh your walnuts are, unfortunately supermarket ones are not the freshest so they might need more). In a meantime slice the aubergine into 2-3 mm thick slices, sprinkle with salt and let it run juice. After approx. 15 min rinse and dry on a paper. Heat up frying pan with some sunflower oil, when hot put on slices and fry on both sides. Take it of the pan, drain excess oil on the paper towel and cool them a bit. Spread the walnut mixture over the aubergine and roll them. Serve with pomegranate seeds.


But you can make more of them and keep them in a fridge, in jars, covered in oil. Just like you would do with olives and sun-dried tomatoes. Delicious in anyway.