Shopping list for next weekend

We all look for our own, individual style. And I found that as I aged I am less and less interested in what is actually in fashion this or next season. I am looking for clothes that will fit me well and will be comfortable to wear. My shoes started to come from Clarks and clothes from M&S. Isn’t that sign of ageing? And there is the whole style issue. I tend to choose things I can wear until they will fall apart in classic cut and colours, instead of latest ¬†fluorescent shade of orange with green stripes ;-). ¬†Don’t get me wrong, my wardrobe is still full impulse buys that will never get out (at least not until I’ll take them to charity shop), but I do try and coordinate my shopping with what is already there. And when I looked last, majority is in black, white, various shades of blue and gray, and occasional red. But still in a lookout for perfect pair of jeans, some summery dresses and shoes. Never enough shoes.

Next part of my shopping next weekend will be a bookcase for diningroom, new bed for my daughter and some bits and bobs for the house. Like new lamp shades. All from Ikea of course.