On the matter of fashion ;-)

There are soooo many blogs about fashion out there. It’s unbelievable. We live in world obsessed with what to wear.
Yet so many of us dress like we wouldn’t have mirrors at home.
Of course we all make mistakes, but we should learn from them and don’t do them again!
I know  that major aspiration of the young girls (me oldie of 35) is to look and dress like the celebrities. Guess what! you don’t and you won’t. Unless you have very rich parents with connections in show biz world, who can support this (then you can be celebrity yourself), your chances to look like Kate Moss, are slimmer than her legs. And trying to mimic her style is going to be a failure when you are (like me and most female population of UK) size 16. It is not going to happen. But in trying to dress like her you are doing massive disservice to yourself and fellow human beings who have to look at you when passing in public places.
I know, really do, how hard it can be to find something that fits your figure, is trendy and have a good price. I completely understand that a lot of what can be found on the high street is very tempting and designed for malnourished teens. But there should be some law banning few things. Like flesh colour leggings  and crop tops with muffin hanging out for example. And do you have any idea what sheep skin style shoes do to the way you look? Especially if you have couple pounds too many.I know all the arguments of those who love them, I get it. The comfort thing. But please can you keep your comfort private. At home. Unless you are the surfer on the Cornish beach (should be Australia but Cornwall can be forgiven too).
We all watched Trinny and Susanah, and Gok. Why don’t we think a bit about what to wear? I know that shopping is cheaper than therapy, but buying something to boost your mood is one thing, wearing something you shouldn’t buy in the first place is something else.
Clothing should project your personality, should go with your life style, should make you look better and feel great. If you have problem to get there, get the stylist. If stylist is beyond your reach find a good friend to shop with. Good friend is the one who is not afraid to say “in this flowery skirt your arse looks like whole flipping meadow”. And crucially- listen to them.
It really doesn’t matter whenever you are getting dressed in Primark, Charity Shop or by Haute Couture Designer. Be critical. That something has expensive label does not mean it will suit you. Even when labels says it is your size, it doesn’t have to fit. We all heard “less is more” and “stick to the classics, so you can mix and match everything in your wardrobe”, majority will agree that it doesn’t work. We buy stuff because it looks nice on our friend, we seen it on TV, it’s dead cheap, on sale and we always wanted it, so many reasons as many shoppers.
Looks like I’ll be a bore in that respect, just in time for another cull of my wardrobe will promise myself only to buy thing that I am going to wear. This time for sure.

PS when you do occasional cull of your clothes, swap them with friends (guaranteed good time with them, just remember to get some wine), give to charity (guaranteed mood boost by doing something good for others), sell on eBay or pack in bags and take to place that buys them per weight (benefits your purse and give you start for new shopping).