Future and planning for it.

It suppose to be so bright!

Do you think about the future? Do you plan it? I tried, but it only made  the Gods laugh. So far most of my plans went south so much so, that I am scared to make a christmas wish list.

But is is as usual

I suffer with a procrastination bug this autumn, and it’s not going to get any better. See my plan was to get to work and finish my Msci as soon as and move on. That was the plan, but now I am over a month behind (not due to me!), had to change a supervisor for my thesis and lost my enthusiasm, I am actually regretting staying for this additional year.   All I want to do now is to sit in bed with my cats and watch crap movies.

In the mean time

had strange people coming to the house and re fitting my kitchen, that is a positive! So now I could make some gorgeous food and put in here, and I will, just need to find energy to take pictures. At the moment I have only enough energy to make this Christmas wish list.


Everything of this you can find on Etsy, easier if you follow from my Pinterest, as you can see this year I am hoping for jewelry and accessories, everything else I would rather get myself  🙂 .

Still future looks bright,

just hoping this end of the world due next year stuff is a myth again 🙂 however with brexit and Trump – who knows. End might not be a bad idea.