Ugly cupboard get a new life. Upcycling.

Majority of our furniture are second (or third or fourth…) hand. When I arrived in UK (almost 9 years ago), the only piece of furniture I had was touristic cot for my daugher. It took  half of my suitcase. And I had only one suitcase with me. 5 month on moving to new flat I had to buy some stuff, but not too much. 16 months from that I moved to our current house. Suddenly I needed all the furniture I could get my hands on. About that time I discovered freecycle. And I will be always grateful to wonderful community that creates it. And gives so many opportunities for upcycling.

Anyway some of the things I got were in not the best shape. Or they just simply stopped fitting our eclectic style. Some of them went to new home. Some of them are in a process of getting new life.

Like this cupboard. It’s a mock antique, mainly chipboard, but I like it.


I am not very good at taking “before” pictures, I am just too impatient. When I decide to do something I grab sanding paper and paint instead of camera. So only very few before.


It had water damaged top,


so I replaced it,


used liquid sander to get old varnish? (not sure it was varnished in first place) of it

_MG_0042 _MG_0043

gave it all over lick of chalk paint, wax, a bit of emergency repair (some bits were broken- nothing that a bit of glue wouldn’t fix). Et voilá.


Oh, and inside got a bit of wallpaper- looks much nicer than just plain board.


New cupboard all together.


Now it can stay with us for much longer.

Just a thought, would you be interested in video tutorial on how to make such renovation? Let me know.