spring home makeover

Looking for inspirations for spring home makeover is not easy, it’s not only painting the walls what is very needed. I need to de-clutter. And that is no small task- trust me. I have so many thing squirrelled away  for various projects which are still in my head, or half done as is the case with wool rug. I got two fleeces from a friend and 3/4 are still waiting for carding (soon will be a year). Boxes and bags of fabrics in every room of the house seems to multiply with every finished project. And there are other crafts and arts I dabbled with. Need to deal with it. All in good time. Only problem is that there is no time. We planned to do it at Easter holiday as that is when I am 2 weeks of Uni, my husband doesn’t have his teaching for that time, but looks like other work will get in a way. And after that we will get very swiftly into assessment week so I will have to revise a lot. However her is my mood board for my spring house makeover, very springy, very floral with a hint of a coast. Enjoy.

Small stuff is from here and sofa and armchair are from here .