Give the table a new look. Upcycling.

I know that recently I haven’t put much of craft posts on. Mainly that I had no time to do anything. However last week I eventually got to it and gave my dining room table a new lease of life. Upcycling can be so much fun.

As so many of my furniture it was second (third, fourth- who knows) hand, for everyday use I have it covered with an oilcloth, to make it easier to keep clean. Especially that I do a lot of my smaller projects on that table. My daughter is using it for painting and it suffered a fair amount of spillage accidents etc.

So using nice weather I took it outside and gave it a good sand down.


As you can see, the top was in not a best condition- but dry and sound enough to just sand it and paint it.

Initially I thought of leaving the legs black as they were, but upon closer look I decided they had to many knocks and scratches.

IMG_0002table  So I sand them down as well.

Tabletop got painted with Rust-Oleum Bramwell chalk paint and legs with their metallic silver enamel. Top  got varnished with Ronseal outdoor varnish to give it more durability than traditional wax layer would provide.

Here you have the final look. It will  be good for few more years now.