More easy furniture upcycling – chairs

Finding my chairs for upcycling

Last summer I took an admin job (you know to help pay the bills) and every day on my way to work, I was passing by a second-hand furniture shop. They had those lovely chairs in which I saw a potential. On the last day of my holidays from Uni, I eventually went and got them. Initially, there were three of them, but one was in such a bad way it was not suitable for my project. Still, £5 for three chairs was good :-). I had an idea how do I want them to look when I finished my upcycling project. Still, it took so much longer than anticipated. I love upcycling furniture, love the fact that I put my personal mark on something, and chairs are something we all use (a lot) so why not to make them fit your style.

Few words about upcycling

There is, however, one thing, which is not mentioned in tutorials on you tube or blog posts. Small little detail of it being actual hard work. The hardest part is removing layers of old varnish, paint, dust and dirt, in a way that the structure of furniture stays intact. When you are sanding things by hand it takes a lot of time and effort if you use sanding machines it is easy to scrape too much and end up with flat instead of round surface. Depending on how much carpentry you feel comfortable with, you need to choose furniture which is in relatively good condition. As I showed you in Ugly Cupboard post  sometimes replacing bits, which are too damaged is a must. All in all, it’s better to avoid it. Especially with things like chairs, where you have to deal with curves and you don’t have a full carpenter workshop at your disposal.

So how they looked?

upcycling chairs MrsEmH

This photo has been taken after the first round of sanding. Unfortunately, the chair on the right had a rotten leg, so it went into a fireplace project :-). After few more rounds of sanding and an obligatory session with wood filler, we got to the pre- paint stage.

Next stage for this one will be more sanding, more filler and paint. His brother, however, is already at the paint stage.

Next stage is varnish, with chalk paint it could be enough to use wax. But because of pattern paper on the seat, I have to varnish it. I attached this paper with good old PVA glue (builders type), with 3 layers of varnish on top it will be safe to use as intended. I will put more pics when I finish the second one, then you can compare patterns.