We need feminism, maybe now more than ever.

My brother called me a slut. Admittedly that happened some time ago, however we had an exchange today and this memory is still clear. Then he called me that to shame me for airing my feminism, he even said “after a first child you’ll change”. Today, two decades later he is still same judgemental, narrowRead more

lets have some hygge!

When days are getting shorter and weather colder I have increasing need for hygge, or as you wish cosiness. Danish concept of hygge includes so much more than just cosiness. It means candles, fireplaces, warm drinks, blankets and nice food. It means company of people you cherish and enjoy being with. Hygge means being contentRead more

naughty me, not writing as often as I should, too busy!

however in two weeks since last post I managed to squeeze in work (9 to 6!), trip to Ikea (and furniture assembly in same day!), daughters birthday and leaving primary. I am a busy bee. And I tend to neglect things and people who can manage without me. Even if I care, just never haveRead more

Again in my favourite part of Wales. Pembrokeshire.

This time it was a working trip, joined an archaeological excavation at St Patrick’s Chapel. Mainly, because they found an early medieval cemetery in quite good condition, but as well because it was there. Whole excavation experience was an eye opener, difference between our approaches are staggering. Dig aside, being in this beautiful spot wasRead more

I am not an undergraduate anymore so what do I do? Shopping!!

Yesterday had my last exam, and now it’s complete anticlimax. Should do lots of things, left for after the uni work- but all I could do today was to go shopping and do some cooking. Mind you -shop, my love for loyalty cards paid off today. Went to Superdrug (they have great brow bar andRead more