Life milestones – I graduated

Last Thursday I have graduated, As the life milestones go, this is pretty big, on the par with my marriage and daughter. Life milestones – I graduated and I am now an official Master in Science (Hons), however,  don’t feel grown up in any way. If anything I have more questions and doubts than before. See, studyingRead more

downsides in minimalism lifestyle

Does the minimalism have downsides? When I look at our place, after latest rounds of getting rid I can seriously say yes. Yes, minimalism lifestyle has some downsides. More I get rid, more I see I still have. And if you put me on the scale, I’ll be somewhere between hoarders and ascetic. Closer toRead more

Efficient decluttering. Four easy steps.

After the latest round of decluttering,  I became to develop a method, which is relatively efficient.  That means efficient for me. Not only allowed me to downsize most of my possessions but as well get it out of the house. See, I am quite good at sorting things, but sometimes they were left in theirRead more

ECI to ban same sex marriages is a load of tosh

ECI is an European Citizen’s Initiative – this one wants to ban same sex marriages – they need to gather 2 million signatures to have it presented before European Parliament. Unfortunately there are enough morons out there to sign this tosh. Just finished reading news, I know I shouldn’t – they are bad for my bloodRead more