What clothes will you pack for holidays in Pembrokeshire?

Depending on how do you want to spend your time, if like us, you are pretty active – you will need a functional wardrobe. But you don’t want to pack too many clothes. For me most important are walking boots, comfy trousers, hat and a sun cream!  However after a day of rambling countryside and coastlineRead more

Is your wardrobe so full, you have to push it closed with your knee and still have nothing to wear?

Mine was like that. Until I got fed-up  and made a cull. 40kg of clothes went away, some of them worn only once if at all.  It pained me to do that, but sometimes the straight cut is the best approach. I left only things I was wearing frequently, which were in good enough conditionRead more

Autumn/winter fashion 2015

Did you see any of the fashion shows for AW15? I didn’t. It is shame that I don’t have time for it anymore. I use to follow the trends and knew what was on. Now I am more inclined to go for classics with maybe few twists, but the times of changing the wardrobe  twiceRead more