Few new things in my makeup bag March 2015

I had to do the cleanup of my cosmetic bag, some stuff was there for ages and because I never used it, it was time to say goodbye. But all occasions like that involve saying hello to new stuff.
So here it goes.

So Chisel Cheeks from Barry M- just trying it really, but already got in terms with reality, I will never master it like Kardashians (lol).
Redemption Palette Iconic 2 from Revolution (so far my favourite).
NYC lip crayon in South Ferry Berry (dries my lips, so won’t stick with it).
Lash Princess form Essence (unfortunately smudges).
Carmex Moisture Plus lip balm with pink tint (so far so good).
On the photo is as well my long lost friend from Body Shop- the eyebrow palette, don’t know if they are still selling it (I have it for ages). It’s absolute fav, and so easy to use, just use slanted brush and it makes eyebrows worth having.